• We offer systems optimized for the needs of each customer.
  • Technical ability and creativity enable us to achieve diverse automation.
  • Always seeking new challenges.

Are you having trouble with
workplace automation?
Ask us, the automation professionals.

We offer systems optimized for the needs of each customer.
We diagnose factory production lines to design optimal systems and machines.
Our aim is production line optimization


We utilize various robots

The Strengths of Saga Plant Industry

  • We propose order-made FA systems tailored to the needs of each customer

    Order-made machine production. We cater to a broad range of customer requests, from individual machines to complete systems.

  • Integrated manufacturing,
    from design to production

    We handle the entire process, from machine design to production.
    After discussing your needs, we are responsible for everything from design until delivery.

Past Projects

  • Confectionery Catcher

    Confectionery Catcher

    Robot picks up and refills confectionery based on numbers selected by roulette. System developed for exhibitions.

  • Automated Processor

    Automated Processor

    Install Location: Kyushu
    Uses 2 milling machines and 6 robots to automatically grind front and back sides of work pieces. Can operate unmanned around the clock.

  • Swaging Machine

    Swaging Machine

    Install Location: Kyushu
    Supplies components using a supply cylinder and parts feeder, performing automated swaging. Can operate unmanned around the clock.

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